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It's Saturday night, and Phil Graham and Dan Farndell are putting the final touches to their game plan for the evening. Graham has a new necklace, which he's not too sure about and Farndell is practising his walk, trying to replace every hint of masculine swagger with a more effeminate swing.

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Dressed in tight black T-shirts and trendy jeans, with leather jackets, hair gelled and subtle touches of jewellery, they want to look like any other gay couple out on the town. But they are not like any other gay couple: they are 'Strays' - enthusiastic players of a new dating game gaining currency across the country when STRaight men pretend to be gAY to attract women. It's a trick, they insist, that delivers the required. But now, according to tomorrow's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, heterosexual men are taking advantage of the vogue. Geoff Saunders, the homosexual author of Other People and Watch My Lips, says the tactic has gained popularity over the past 18 months.

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In reality, these men are not pretending to be gay, they're simply pretending not to be heterosexual predators on the pull. The ruse occurred to Graham a couple of years ago when a girlfriend told him one of his most attractive qualities was being unusually open for a heterosexual man. What began as a joke for Graham and his friends has become a routine: he estimates he can pick up twice as many women when in Stray mode than he can when approaching them as himself. Now, when he goes out to meet women, the chances are he'll pretend to be gay.

Farndell, an architect from Essex, agrees. You're not putting yourself on the line.

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The knack is to nuance your behaviour so she assumes you're homosexual but, when she realises you're not, feels it was she who misread the situation. That's a really big mistake on their part, because most women love dancing. The deception didn't seem to trouble Erika Johansson, a year-old fashion buyer for a deer clothes label who approached Farndell as he danced with Graham and was soon shimmying up and down his side. The Observer UK news.

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Straight guys play at being gay in cunning and successful ploy to pull. Amelia Hill.

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Any guys want gay videos

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