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By Ella Christoph. Any woman could tell you how much easier it is to pick up guys—well, usually, let them pick you up—than it is to befriend a girl. But—maybe more than women wish to admit, or guys might believe—even places that seem almost overflowing with potential besties can end up feeling like friend deserts. Childhood friends who lived on your street now live halfway around the country; college roommates stayed and you moved, or vice versa.

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When Rachel Bertsche realized that her feelings of girlfriendlessness were making her feel lonely and leaving her unwillingly sitting in front of the TV on Friday evenings, she decided not only to start talking about it, but to make some drastic changes in hopes of recruiting some new, local girlfriends. Bertsche, a Westchester County native who moved to Lincoln Park when her lawyer husband got a job at a Chicago firm, made a resolution: To go on one lady-date every week for a year.

While there are some duds, most of the people Bertsche meets are equally excited to be connecting with others, and some of them she feels will become close friends over time. Bertsche, who was a producer for Oprah. But once she commits to her friend-making project, she slowly forces herself to become more outgoing, and in the process, she becomes more of the kind of person you might actually want to be friends with.

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More than showing how easy it is, Bertsche shows that making friends is tough work, but worth it. At twenty-eight, some potential friends in the plus-or-minus-five-years range are too involved in their babies, while others, she feels, are still stuck in college life. She learns that some people are just terrible at making plans, others are flaky and neither needs to be a total deal-breaker.

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By Ella Christoph Any woman could tell you how much easier it is to pick up guys—well, usually, let them pick you up—than it is to befriend a girl. Mythical Ethnography: A Review of Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder This is a book about the loneliness of domesticity and the internal cost of upward comparisons. Opening Into The World: An Interview with Rachel Swearingen Rachel Swearingen's debut short story collection "How to Walk on Water" is a slim collection of nine stories that approaches its characters with a matter of fact sensibility.

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Lonely mwf seeking friend

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